this FAQ list is long but please read through it so that you can fully understand how i work and how your session will go. after booking, you will receive quite a bit of info from me (as well as a questionnaire) so that we get the best session possible!


when should i book?

the best time to book is as soon as you know you would like me as your photographer. i am usually booked up a few months in advance so it’s best to get on the books as early as possible.

how old are the babies for the newborn photos?

newborn photos are done before baby reaches 2 weeks old. that is when they sleep the best and also when they still curl up the best for womb like posing. they also change drastically just in those first couple weeks and i want you to remember your baby as they were during that fleeting moment.

when is newborn sessions scheduled since babies come on their own time?

your due date is put into my calendar. as soon as you can after baby is born, you will contact me and i will work the calendar to provide a date within baby’s first 2 weeks of birth. it is important to make sure i am on your notify list for announcing your little ones arrival.

do we need to bring the props?

i provide all props/blankets/hats/headbands, etc… most props you see in my portfolio are specially made for photo sessions so that they fit and photograph well. i do not use big headbands, tutus, and large props that distract from baby. my images are kept timeless and cherished for ages and i want your baby to be the most important in the photo.

do you photograph siblings and parents with the baby?

sibling and parent photos are some of my faves! we spent ample time to capture that sweet and new bond.

when does maternity session take place?

i prefer to photograph your maternity session between weeks 34-37 as that is when the belly usually has the best round shape yet you’re still usually ok walking around a bit. maternity session can be done at any time based on your comfortability though.

where do your sessions take place?

sessions take place in Colorado Springs, CO unless you book the on location newborn session which is then done in your home.  i have my studio here for indoor sessions with controlled lighting and temperature as well as all props on hand. outdoor sessions are in a local field nearby studio that has beautiful tall trees with ample greenery in spring/summer and beautiful texture during winter.

is newborn photography safe?

all images are done completely safe and usually involve photoshop to make the magic happen. in poses where baby needs support, my hands are on baby and then photoshopped out. i do not use any unsafe props or complete any unsafe images. baby’s safety is the most important aspect and should be something you look for when searching for a newborn photographer.

how do you get baby to pose in those positions?

my experience with both babies and newborn photography is what guides my posing expertise. it also helps as baby’s love to be curly and squishy as that’s how they are in womb. getting them before 2 weeks old helps keep that curly newness. i do send out prep information that helps you get baby ready for their first ‘model shoot’. a very sleepy baby helps us be able to pose each finger and toe and capture their freshness.

when will i receive my images?

i aim to get your completed gallery sent within 3 weeks. most of my work is done after you leave my studio. i comb through each photo and add my unique touch as well as giving the photos an artistic and timeless feel.  i hand edit each photo and treat each one as if it’s one you will print on a billboard. because of that, i don’t believe in rushing through the gallery. if you’re anxious to share a pic of baby, let me know and i’ll post a sneak peek for you on facebook/instagram.  i can deliver your images within 5 days for an urgency fee of $100.

do you photograph older babies?

i looooooove photographing older babies. i just love seeing their personality start to really shine and become their own person. my favorite stages are newborn, sitting up (6-7 months) and one year photos. i will photograph your baby at anytime in their first year though as each stage is just as special as the next. i have specially made (simple) outfits for baby up to one year. i don’t photograph babies with lots of clothes on as this is their last (and only) year where you can truly see their baby-ness and they can still get away with barely any clothes. i want to capture those rolls, the little dimples, and the cute bubbly grins.

i see baby is usually naked in the photos, how do you keep them from making a mess?

i dont!  i let babies be babies. the studio is prepared for naked babies. i have many many extra blankets readily available should an accident happen. every item that is used in session is immediately washed afterwards (even if no accidents seen). because of my experience with babies, i am usually able to catch an accident before it happens. after doing this for awhile, you can see babies’ little squirms and recognize movements that mean elimination is coming. sounds crazy but true, check out baby elimination communication if you’ve never heard about it! please don’t worry if you see baby have an accident, most do (and this means there system is working as it should!)

do you allow others to watch during the newborn session?

the studio is very small and kept warm to keep a naked baby happy so it’s best to bring as few of spectators as possible. for siblings, i have a small play area to help keep them entertained when it’s not their turn with baby. i also keep plenty of snacks and drinks on hand for grumbling tummies.